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Vocal Sound Therapy Training

Become a Certified Vocal Sound Therapist!

Becoming a certified Vocal Sound Therapist is a journey into yourself, your expression, your truth and your purpose. There are tons of 2 week certifications out there, but they don't produce quality practitioners who actually know what they are doing. This training is designed for those who are ready for real change in their life and have a calling to help others. 

Vocal Sound Therapy Certification

This certification is divided into four modules. First, you must experience and go through the body of work yourself. Clearing your personal blockages around expression and unlocking your true potential.

Phase 1: 6 Week Vocal Sound Therapy Transformation Program

Phase 2: 6 Week Singing Vocal Transformation Program

Phase 3: 6 Week Vocal Sound Healing Training

Phase 4: 12 Week Vocal Sound Therapy Training

Each phase is a pre-requisite to the next.

First, you must experience and move through the body of work yourself.

Second, the deeper training begins and you learn how to help others.

Phase 1
Vocal Sound Therapy Transformation Program
6 Weeks

During this 6 Week Journey, we will clear your energy channels through the power of your voice. You will experience first hand the power of your voice and its ability to heal your body. This program is designed uniquely for you and your healing journey, and it includes a vocal and chakra assessment. 

Option 1: Pay in Full - you choose start date

Option 2: Sign up with $100 Deposit - pay remaining balance on start date

Option 3 Payment Plan: Sign up with $100 deposit - pay $470 on 1st and 4th session dates minus the deposit

No plans availableOnce there are plans available for purchase, you’ll see them here.
Phase 2
Singing Vocal Transformation Program
6 Weeks

During this 6 Week Journey, you will learn how to sing via technical and non-traditional techniques. It is a continuation of the therapy, only you are discovering how to sing through your heart while learning the mechanics of singing. This creates a foundation for your true potential with your voice to be achieved. And will prepare you for the next phase of Vocal Sound Healing.

No plans availableOnce there are plans available for purchase, you’ll see them here.
Phase 3
Vocal Sound Healing Training
9 Weeks

Here, we begin to really dive into the trainings towards your certification. Now that you've cleared your channels so the healing frequencies can be sung and you've learned how to sing, the space is set for you to begin using your voice to heal others.


In this Training:

  •  I will teach you how to channel the frequencies and songs for group/one-on-one sessions.

  • You will learn how to use crystal bowls and hand drums with your voice, and I will teach you the proper way of connecting with the spirit of the instruments.

  • You will do a practice session for me, then you will be required to offer 3 donation based sessions to other people while receiving continued instruction/feedback with me.

  • I help you structure your practice as a Vocal Sound Healer, making it unique to you and your gifts.

  • Once complete, you will be required to spend 3 months honing your skills and working with 6 clients prior to moving onto Phase 4. While documenting you're experience with each client. We will have one check-in a month during that time, where I continue to support your growth.

  • Receive a Certification as a Vocal Sound Healer upon full completion.

This 9-Week Training is $1800

Payment Plans Available

Pay in Full for all 3 Phases: $3000 - save $480

Phase 4
Vocal Sound Therapy Training and Certification
12 Weeks

Once you've successfully completed the requirements from Phase 3 and feel confident in your practice. Then we begin Phase 4, Vocal Sound Therapy Training and Certification. All three phases are key to being able to help others as a Vocal Sound Therapist. Without this experience, you will not be able to identify how to uniquely help each individual in discovering their own voice and how to guide them into self-healing through their voice. 

During this Training:

  • You'll learn how to do a Vocal & Chakra Assessment

  • You'll learn what tones, movements and breath clear different chakras/areas in the body.

  • You'll learn how to hear, read and guide people to clear their channels through their voice.

  • You'll learn various techniques to help people move through their blockages.

  • You'll learn how to help a person discover their voice through their heart, unlocking their potential and authentic expression.

  • You'll learn the basics to teaching someone how to sing, as a therapy to unlocking their voice.

  • You'll discover how to incorporate your gifts and insight to this body of work.

  • I'll share my business module with you, as you move forward developing your practice.

  • You'll become part of the International Vocal Sound Therapist Network.

You will be required to work on 12 participants, within 6 months of the training. Documenting each client and their progress and your experience. We will have one check-in a month where you will receive guidance and support. Upon completion, you will receive your certification as a Vocal Sound Therapist.


In order to receive the certification, you must have successfully completed all requirements. Throughout the phases, I will be giving homework and practice assignments which are key in your growth and development as a qualified practitioner. If I do not witness a commitment to learning and the requirements are not completed, I hold the right to not certify you as a Vocal Sound Therapist. 

Cost for this Training and Certification is: $3000

Payment Plans Available

Pay in Full for all 4 Phases: $5480 - Save $1000


How do I schedule the 4 phases?

You may take a break between each phase. You may book them separately or all together. I recommend taking no more than 2-4 weeks of a break between Phase 1 and 2. After Phase 3, you will need to take a 3 month break to hone your skills and practice everything that was taught. 

Can I skip the Vocal Sound Healing training?

No, this is an important step to understanding the energetics behinds your voice and healing with the voice. If you feel resistant to this, then there is a block and fear around using your voice. Which the first 3 phases will help you move through. Without this background you will not have the proper tools to support your clients as a Vocal Sound Therapist. Keep in mind, that while you are learning I am helping you structure your practice based on your unique gifts. We each have a different toolbox, and you will be able to incorporate your knowledge into the work.

Will I learn about the chakras and energy?

Yes, I offer detailed instruction about the chakras and energy body during phase 3 and 4. I've been offering energy healing for 23 years and have a lot of experience in the healing arts. I'll help you awaken your psychic abilities and how to incorporate them into your practice. 


What happens if I have to miss a session?
Just give me a minimum of 24 hours notice to reschedule, otherwise that session is considered redeemed. The programs are designed weekly for a reason. We build momentum and it is where people experience the best results. 

How does the payment work?
Membership fees are automatically collected at the first of every month via the payment info you provided. Programs are either paid in full online, or contact me about payment options. I accept Venmo, PayPal, ApplePay and Credit Card. 

What happens if my program expires and I haven't used up all my purchased sessions?
Each program and training module is set for a specific time frame. It is up to you to reschedule a day you will miss, with a 24 hours notice. In special circumstances I may extend this, but in general if you miss your session without rescheduling it then it is considered redeemed and will need to be made up in order to receive the certification. Always communicate with me, as I understand life happens and there are times when flexibility is required. Momentum though is key in this journey.

What sets Christina apart from other therapists?
Christina created Vocal Sound Therapy, there are other people who use the voice as a healing modality but their technique is different and more often than not they have not personally experienced it themselves. Christina created this modality after a 3 month silent retreat she went through on her own, in combination with all her life experiences around the voice and healing herself with it. Everyone who works with Christina experiences transformational results.

What is Vocal Sound Therapy useful for?

This technique is great for:

  • Sexual Trauma & Abuse

  • Emotional Trauma

  • PTSD

  • Depression, Anxiety & Stress

  • Low Self-Esteem & Lack of Motivation

  • ADD/ADHD & other Behavioral Disorders/Issues

  • Cancer Treatment

  • Physical Pain in joints, muscles and more

  • Eating Disorders

  • Suicidal Thoughts

  • Relationship & Family Issues

  • Poor Communication Skills

  • Drug Addiction

  • Finding Direction in Life

  • Anyone ready to follow their heart and live their dreams.

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