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Mind - Body - Emotion - Spirit



Reiki relieves depression, anxiety and fear. Reduce or heal from chronic pain. Possibly heal from physical illness or dis-ease. Reiki restores balance mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Sessions include in-depth health intake and energy readings. Begin your healing journey today with Reiki Master Teacher, Christina Wells.

Energy Readings

In-depth psychic energy reading to reveal where you're blocked and what steps to take moving forward. Receive  answers, guidance and coaching.  Reclaim your mental, emotional and physical health today!

Spiritual mentoring available.

Candle Burning Ritual
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Vocal Sound Healing

Receive the benefits of traditional sound healing plus the channeled frequencies and songs from Christina Wells for chakra balancing, somatic healing, awakening and growth.

Group or Private Sessions

Vocal Activation Therapy

Discover the Power of Your Voice!

Your voice is your self-healing instrument. Experience healthier relationships, more confidence and clarity in your life. Relieve physical pain, find your soul song and so much more.

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