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Vocal Sound Therapy

Developed in 2015, Vocal Sound Therapy will change your life. It's the therapy of the future.

About VST

A Deeper Understanding of Vocal Sound Therapy

You do not need to understand energy to receive the benefits of Vocal Sound Therapy. Unlike other energetic healing practices, this modality is not about you receiving ‘healing’. Instead, it is a therapy that I guide you through that works your energetic system whether you’re familiar of these things or not.  It is completely safe and in my 7 years of working with people in this way, I have only witnessed positive results. 

So, first…let’s get into the science by taking a look at your body. Your body is magnificent and it is has an intricately designed system to self-heal and regulate. Scientists, in reality, are only on the threshold of truly understanding how the WHOLE body works as one unit. 

Every cell, atom, bone, organ, etc has energy. A ‘nerve’ for example, is energy. Your spinal column is the central channel in your body that delivers information to other areas of your body. That communication may go from your brain to your bladder or your heart to your brain. 

How does everything in your body communicate as one unit? Everything is connected and communicating through an energy current in your body. You have major and minor energy currents. Just like in a house, you have outlets and main circuit breaker that controls the input/output of the energy in your house. This is how it works for your body. Except it is much more intricately and beautifully designed than a house. 

These energy currents run along what Chinese medicine calls, Meridians. In Indian medicine, it is called Nadis. The Chinese teach about 360 meridian channels that run through the body. The Indians teach that there are 72,000 nadi channels inside and outside the body for each human body. Basic western energy medicine focuses mostly on the 7 main chakras in the body. 

Below are some pictures to give you a visual of your energy body, but don’t get overwhelmed. 


So, what does this have to do with Vocal Sound Therapy? 

Vocal Sound Therapy uses the voice to clear your meridians and nadi channels. The voice is the pressure valve via Prana and sound and is a direct input or output of energy. As you make a sound with your voice, you can open any nadi/meridian, go into it, clear it and experience the results. As you can see, everything is connected. So when you clear emotional blockages the body, mind and spirit also heal. It works this way in any order. Ultimately, Vocal Sound Therapy will align your four bodies (mind, emotion, body, spirit).

Is Vocal Sound Therapy only designed for healing?

No, as all things are interconnected I incorporate a lot of the structure to Vocal Sound Therapy into my Vocal Sound Healing Trainings. Because to properly use your voice for healing, this aspect must first be understood and the vocal channels need to be clear so that the proper frequencies can be sung. Rarely, I will also incorporate some of the Vocal Sound Therapy techniques with my students who are learning how to sing.

What does a Vocal Sound Therapy session look like? 

In the initial session, we do a combination of two things. While receiving your first vocal therapy session which is focused on specific lower tones in the body, I’m also doing a vocal assessment so that I can ‘hear’ and feel in your voice what you need and estimate how many sessions you’ll likely require. Because I’m also a gifted healer and intuitive empath, I utilize these senses I have to take a closer look at your meridian/chakra system.

How can I expect to feel after my first session?

In most cases, you will feel lighter and clearer. If you’re experiencing physical pain, this may disappear completely or lesson.  Rarely, a person may experience fatigue and/or blue. This can be for two separate reasons. One, we began to open up a block that you’ve been strongly resisting yet it requires more work. Or two, there was a lot of energy released and the body needs to rest. When this does happen, I find that the next session is much easier on the person. Keep in mind, that if you’re feeling the need to rest there is plenty of space for that. I understand that some things are difficult and some things need a gentle process. 

What can I expect to feel during the session? 

Because we are incorporating a lot of breathing necessary to vocalize, some people feel a tingling sensation in their hands, light headedness or ‘blissed out’.  It is different for everyone and I’m regularly checking in with you. 

What should I bring to a session?

Bring a large glass of water, tissue, an empty cup or bowl and a trash bin nearby. If we are meeting via zoom, then make sure your laptop is plugged in and your in a quiet space where you feel safe. 

If one of these nadis, meridians or chakras is blocked than illness or dis-ease can occur. There is mental illness, physical illness, emotional illness and spiritual illness. 

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