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90 Minute Consultation Session *First Time Client*

This session is for those who are ready to begin or deepen their healing & awakening journey. In this session, we will explore any issues you are experiencing or greater intentions you have. We will begin to uncover the energetic root to your issues, whether it be on the mental, emotional, physical or spiritual levels, and begin the process of liberating those blocks- awakening a new felt sense of well-being and soul essence. We will discuss the healing journey that will best fit your unique needs for your greatest, most aligned path forward.


Christina incorporates various healing modalities, awakening tools, and the wealth of knowledge she has gained through 20+ years of practice, her own healing & awakening, as well as world renowned teachers she learns from across the world.

Christina is an Usui & Kundalini Reiki Master, EFT (Emotional Freedom Therapist), Vocal Sound Therapist, Life Coach and a trauma-informed energy healer. Unique from your average Reiki Sessions, Christina is trained and skilled in advanced energy healing techniques and will track your current energy patterns that are keeping you stuck to help you liberate to a higher version of yourself and align with your souls path.

Consultation Session Cost: $220

This session may include:

Talk Therapy, Spiritual & Energetic Life Coaching, Emotional Processing, Energy Healing Session w/ Sound Healing, Crystal Therapy, Energetic Adjustments & an Energy Reading


Transformation Programs Available - Price: To be discussed

Returning Client Session

Unique from your average Reiki Session, Christina is trained and skilled in advanced energy healing techniques. While you rest and reset your mind & body, Christina will track your current energy patterns to help you release, retrain and rejoin mind-body-heart coherence.


This 75 minute session includes coaching & emotional release practices (when needed & in preparation for the reiki session). The Reiki Session includes sound healing and inferred heat therapy for deep relaxation & a nervous system reset.


Sessions can be done virtually or in-person, depending on your location and availability.


Single Session Cost: $200

Membership price: $350 for 2 sessions per month (2 month minimum)


Transformation Program: To be discussed

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