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Vocal Sound Therapy

Your Voice is Your Self-Healing Instrument

Your body consists of 72,000 energetic channels, these channels create the intricate system of the human body and connects the mind, body, emotion and spirit. When there are blockages in these channels, one experiences illness or dis-ease. Vocal Sound Therapy is comprised of various vocal toning exercises that clear the blocks in these channels; bringing you health, happiness and balance. 

About Your First Session

What does a Vocal Sound Therapy session look like? 

In the initial session, we do a combination of two things. While receiving your first vocal therapy session, I'm doing a vocal and chakra assessment that you will receive at the end. This creates a solid foundation moving forward, so that your goals, needs and core issues can fully be addressed if you choose to continue working with me.

How can I expect to feel after my first session?

In most cases, you will feel lighter and clearer. If you’re experiencing physical pain, this may disappear completely or lesson.  Rarely, a person may experience fatigue and/or blue. This can be for two separate reasons. One, we began to open up a block that you’ve been strongly resisting yet it requires more work. Or two, there was a lot of energy released and the body needs to rest. When this does happen, I find that the next session is much easier on the person. 

What can I expect to feel during the session? 

Because we are incorporating a lot of breathing necessary to vocalize, some people feel a tingling sensation in their hands, light headedness or ‘blissed out’.  It is different for everyone and I’m regularly checking in with you. Emotions may also arise and when that happens you're in a safe and loving space to let go and express yourself.

What should I bring to a session?

Bring a large glass of water, tissue, an empty cup or bowl and a trash bin nearby. If we are meeting via zoom, then make sure your laptop is plugged in and your in a quiet space where you feel safe.


What happens if I have to miss a session?
Just give me a minimum of 24 hours notice to reschedule, otherwise that session is considered redeemed. The programs are designed weekly for a reason. We build momentum and it is where people experience the best results. 

How does the payment work?
Membership fees are automatically collected at the first of every month via the payment info you provided. Programs are either paid in full online, or contact me about payment options. I accept Venmo, PayPal, ApplePay and Credit Card. 

What happens if my program expires and I haven't used up all my purchased sessions?
The 6 week program is good for 6 weeks and the 12 week program is good for 12 weeks. You select the start date. In special circumstances I may extend this, but in general if you miss your session without rescheduling it then it is considered redeemed. 

What sets Christina apart from other therapists?
Christina created Vocal Sound Therapy, there are other people who use the voice as a healing modality but their technique is different and more often than not they have not personally experienced it themselves. Christina created this modality after a 3 month silent retreat she went through on her own, in combination with all her life experiences around the voice and healing herself with it. Everyone who works with Christina experiences transformational results.

What is Vocal Sound Therapy useful for?

This technique is great for:

  • Sexual Trauma & Abuse

  • Emotional Trauma

  • PTSD

  • Depression, Anxiety & Stress

  • Low Self-Esteem & Lack of Motivation

  • ADD/ADHD & other Behavioral Disorders/Issues

  • Cancer Treatment

  • Physical Pain in joints, muscles and more

  • Eating Disorders

  • Suicidal Thoughts

  • Relationship & Family Issues

  • Poor Communication Skills

  • Drug Addiction

  • Finding Direction in Life

  • Anyone ready to follow their heart and live their dreams.

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